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We have the compassion and experience to deal with your crisis when and where you need it.

RemeStat Crime Scene Cleanup is a licensed, bonded & insured biohazard cleanup company. We are known as crime scene cleaners as often we work at crime scenes. We help families and businesses by removing and disposing of items that cannot be properly cleaned and restored.

Our team knows the science and the psychology behind this type of clean up service. We are here to serve you with dignity, compassion and respect. 

You might be a homeowner or family member dealing with trauma. Our hearts go out to you.

You are the reason RemeStat came to be. Those families enduring the crisis of a traumatic loss should not have to clean up on their own. We have prepared for you. We are here and ready to support you. 

There are many public resources available to aid you as well.  Please know –

    • You deserve nothing less than dignity, respect and compassion
    • You should know there is no single correct course of grieving
    • Grief reactions can vary widely from person to person
    • What you are experiencing is understandable and acceptable

We are specialists in biohazard decontamination and disinfection.

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RemeStat Crime Scene Cleanup knows-

We understand what being professional means, bringing value to our business and agency clients as well

Biohazard cleanup is in high demand in Houston, Texas.  Most folks don’t know about it until they need it.  We are specialists in decontamination and disinfection.

Property managers and hotel personnel know about –

We decontaminate and disinfect or dispose of bio hazardous materials to make your property viable and usable again.

Do you have an estimate in hand and it seems like they are charging you too much for this service?  We can tell you if its fair or outrageous. Rates for crime scene cleanup can vary widely from company to company, so buyer beware.

RemeStat will clean anything as long as it can be done so safely. 

We also cleanup –

      • Autos
      • Transport Vehicles
      • Tractor Trailers
      • Buses
      • Trains
      • Airplanes

We support all Military Personnel, Veterans, Law Enforcement Officials and Emergency Response Personnel including Fire & Rescue. Thank you all for your service.

To our clientele; although each case is unique, we place a tremendous value on privacy, discretion and healing. Company policy dictates each crime scene cleanup job or  biohazard cleanup is subject to nondisclosure and shall be treated with reverence and respect. A code of silence is observed.

The only time this is not the case includes the involvement of law enforcement authorities, other official agencies, and insurance companies (Yes, our services are often covered by homeowner’s and automobile insurance policies).

RemeStat is an OSHA compliant company disposing of materials contaminated with blood and bodily fluids as regulated medical waste.  All biohazard cleanup jobs are subject to this rule. 

All cleaners and containment materials used are OSHA regulated and disinfectants are EPA registered. We utilize nontoxic cleaning agents whenever possible and recycle items that can be done so safely.  Everyone’s safety is number one and will not be compromised.  This is important because not every crime scene cleanup company is compelled to operate under these safe work and safe environmental practices as we do.

We serve The State of Texas including Montgomery County Texas, Harris County Texas, Houston, Spring, The Woodlands and all of the Greater Houston area.  If you are unsure, call us.

Thank you for visiting and please let us know if we can help.