Crime Scene


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Crime scene cleaners have a difficult job. There’s a science behind crime scene cleaning and should be left to the experts. Crime scene cleanup jobs require someone who is able to detach themselves from the emotional aspects of the trauma.

We know that dealing with the aftermath of a homicide, suicide or discovering an unattended death is shocking. So are accidents involving blood spills.




Those things that were important priorities moments ago, are now a million miles away.

Trauma affects each individual differently. The lives of folks affected by trauma are impacted in ways most humans never dare to think or speak. We can’t fully understand what a person is feeling unless we are exactly, exactly in their shoes, which is impossible. A little empathy and compassion tells us tragic loss is overwhelming. Experience tells us more. Since trauma affects each of us differently, we should also recognize that there is neither an appropriate, nor an inappropriate response to tragic loss. There can be no wrong.

In each case mentioned above, the police and crime scene investigators operate with a high level of activity, at first. Once their job at the crime scene has concluded, they return the property back to the owner and leave. There is no branch of city or local government in the State of Texas that cleans up afterwards. Its confusing, especially for the victims because it falls back on them to find someone to cleanup.

The State did however, allocate a crime victims assistance fund. There is also homeowner’s insurance that help cover the costs just like with break-in example. Policies vary from one insurance company to another and policy to policy. RemeStat is flexible on a case by case basis on how we are compensated. We work with families in need and those who don’t have insurance.

We recommend you practice due diligence in getting a few estimates for this type of service. You will find prices vary from  one service provider to another. An estimate is just a ball-park figure as each case is unique. They should stick closely to the estimate. Keep in mind that once work begins, so does discovery. Extra work could be discovered increasing the cost a little or a lot. The company you choose should tell you this right away the second they discover it. Good business ethics say no hidden costs.

This service is referred to as crime scene cleaning or trauma scene cleaning. Many people are unaware of what  crime scene cleaners do or that this service exists and is often covered by their insurance. We don’t believe that anyone who is already dealing with a traumatic crisis situation should have to clean up in this way.

To do the job safely and properly, specialized training, disinfectant cleaners and equipment are necessary. If it’s bad, call us. RemeStat has the training and tools needed to make it better. Our work standards are focused on safety, quality and healing so the job gets done right the first time.