Unattended Death

Accidental Death Cleanup & Odor Removal

Accidental death, death by natural causes and unattended death are all situations where blood and bodily fluids can spill. The residual blood and fluids should be contained and removed as soon as possible.  Those fluids are biohazardous at the time they are spilled. More so as they begin to putrefy. Death cleanup can be a very complex operation depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident. Was it an accident with machinery involved or a situation where someone died undiscovered?

The machinery may need to be disassembled in an accidental death cleanup. This includes cars, trucks and heavy equipment. Likewise with an unattended death cleanup that went undiscovered for a while. Blood spills and body fluids can absorb into the construction of a dwelling. Parts of the home or apartment may need to be removed and replaced entirely. If not done properly, foul lingering odor can result.

Odor stemming from human decomposition in an unattended death poses a unique challenge to cleanup. RemeStat utilizes a combination of techniques in odor neutralization cases. Yes, neutralize the odor, not mask it. We don’t use perfumes. The EPA registered neutralizer we deploy destroys the odor. Extreme cases may require multiple treatments.

Another technique is more radical and thus more effective. Ozone treatments are given to the evacuated area anywhere from one treatment to daily treatments for a few days. Ozone works remarkably at reducing odor molecules back to their elemental forms.

Since these techniques have been known to be highly effective in these severe conditions, other lesser, pesky odors can be dispatched with ease.