Disinfection when you need it most.

If all the earth were to disappear, a perfect outline of bacterium would remain.

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S. Aureus

Our disinfection service is about discovering and eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. Those microorganisms cause illness in humans, plants and animals.

RemeStat has the knowledge and experience to help. Bacteria are the cause strep throat, ear infections, pneumonia and in the worst case, death. Staph infection and flesh eating bacteria are examples of disease outbreak that are not easy to treat or eliminate. Viruses are always bad. They cause Influenza, Hepatitis, HIV and other disease outbreak.

Bird and rodent excrement are verified biohazards. Nasty infections like histoplasmosis, comes from breathing mold spores in the feces.  Rodent infestation in and around the home remains the primary risk for exposure to Hantavirus.  Those are just the start. 

Buildings and churches are often the refuge of flocks of pigeons, rat packs and bats. All of those critters dwell in large colonies. The buildup of fecal material can be surprisingly dangerous. You need the proper equipment to work safely.

RemeStat offers disinfection service to schools, child day care facilities, public buildings, retirement homes, hospitals, emergency response vehicles and even aircraft. All disinfectants are EPA registered and hospital grade.  

Cleaning and disinfection agents used for the decontamination of food preparation facilities are regulated by the FDA and are deployed subject to FDA regulatory guidelines while working in those areas.